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Buyer accidentally gave me 3,7 stars review - what can I do?

I’m a relatively new seller on Fiverr.
Recently, I delivered the most demanding request and everything went great. The buyer was satisfied and even gave me a tip. But, he gave me 1 star on “Seller communication level”, everything else was 5 stars. I asked him why and he said he accidentally pressed it.
Given that I can’t request my buyer to change his review anymore, what can I do to fix it? It messed up my perfect 5 stars score because of his mistake. I even have the whole conversation in chat which proves that he unintentionally gave me wrong review.

Thanks in advance.

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There are many new rules recently so best way is to contact fiverr support if they can allow him to edit.

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Please contact … CS, Take a ticket and contact ASAP.


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Don’t land yourself in trouble by even messaging the buyer, Right away you will get warning. Just open a ticket and see what Fiverr CS says about this,