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Buyer accidentally pressed wrong stars

The buyer meant to leave 5 stars but left 4 by accident. How do we change? It’s not fair for my rating to go down because of a simple mistake. I’ve only been on here a couple months but this system is so strange.


The golden rule is not to discuss feedback with your buyer or with customer support.

If you search the forums you will see many posts from sellers who have received account warnings for discussing feedback. The general consensus is that Fiverr sees such discussions as account manipulation.

Fiverr’s feedback system is very simple to use - so leaving ‘unintentional’ feedback is actually quite difficult to do. It really is best to just accept the feedback you’ve been given and to move on from it. Trying to sort this to your satisfaction will probably end in tears for you.


i have been also faced this type mistakes so please ignore it and go ahead don’t worry about this rating …

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Don’t worry about the :star: , as you got a good feedback from that buyer.

Keep providing a quality service.

I don’t understand why everybody is repeating this false statement: if you are in doubt or even better, have proof that your buyer made a mistake with the review (see attached thread below), why would it be a crime to ask CS their opinion BEFORE talking with your buyer about it?

How are you sure about this? Did your buyer mentioned this first or he told you after you asked him “why have you left me 4 stars?”

That is not necessarily true, especially if @monogadjo is certain that the 4* feedback was a mistake.

But if you asked your buyer “why did you left me 4 star review” without him mentioning it, you may get in trouble.

It won’t be a crime but it could risk a warning (especially if they think the seller has been asking the buyer about the review like you said/pressuring the buyer about it). The rating was actually 4.7 stars so it’s better than 4 stars. It’s not worth the risk (over 0.3 stars). Also I don’t think they allow them to be changed now anyway. And they have said they can’t be removed unless they break the TOS.

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I would say that it depends on the context. If the buyer mentioned the mistake first “oh sorry I left 4 starts instead of 5”, i would surely mention that to CS right away. If not, THEN you are probably right.

But you cannot say it is a golden rule and encourage people not to stand their ground for a possible mistake. If the guy in the post I am refering to took that advice, he would have ended up with a 1* review that was a mistake.

Not a crime, just a precaution. We’re all aware of how overburdened CS is right now, and it’s far easier for them (or the system) to auto-flag something.

From what I’ve read, it’s rare, but there have been reports of flags where there genuinely was zero prior mention of ‘review’ to a buyer.

And, I agree. Not a ‘golden’ rule. More like a ‘rule of thumb’.


He’s a return buyer and is always happy with the results. He asked me to send him another custom offer for another song, but I admitted to him I was a little nervous about doing another. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I didn’t want another (undeserved) lower rating. I figured I had the right to decline a customer, but felt I should also mention why since he has ordered a lot already, and it would be weird to decline for no reason. So I apologized to him about the communication and mentioned I was nervous about continuing because of the review. He immediately stated it was a mistake and that he meant to put 5 stars.

Also Fiverr has said:

Any solicitation, manipulation or just a comment on feedback may lead our relevant team to issue a warning to the user who made this statement.

So I don’t think it’s worth the risk of asking them to contact CS or you doing it as you commented on their rating. If CS is contacted you could get a warning for it.

I that case just leave it as it is and dont contact CS :slight_smile: you made the buyer feel guilty a bit. Maybe it was with good intention, but it has been done

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Ok, thanks y’all. I appreciate all the responses. I’ll try my best to forget about it! Even though it’s totally going to bother me for a bit haha.


This rule applies on seller to buyer communication, not seller to CS, in my opinion. Many people misinterpret it since they say “Oh no, never mention ratings to anyone”

The thread I’ve posted above is a proof that in some cases you can talk with CS about ratings. TIt depends on the situation.


I had tried contacting cs about another odd situation I had found myself in with no response from them at all. I’ve let that one go already even though I lost about $90 on that one. And I mean… Fiverr lost the potential money on it as well. You’d think they’d have better support for sellers since we’re kind of important for their site to even work? I know I’ve made them a good chunk of change already in the short time I’ve been on here. Just saying…seems a bit strange that they didn’t even respond or try to help. Oh well :man_shrugging:

how can you tell ? .

See this post:

…and mentioned I was nervous about continuing because of the review. He immediately stated it was a mistake and that he meant to put 5 stars.

The simple reason is that it’s best to be pragmatic in these circumstances. There have been many sellers who’ve reported receiving an account warning for contacting their buyer about feedback. If we don’t share knowledge and learn on the forum - then what’s the point? Is it best to receive an account warning? Or is it best to be pragmatic and quietly move on in order to recover from this episode? I know which I would choose. That’s why I call it the golden rule. Sometimes it really is best just to move on.

And let’s be realistic, a feedback rating of 4.7 (which is the latest feedback on the account) strikes me as quite deliberate - the op was marked down for communication, and not quality of service.

I’m not sure if it was actually deliberate or not, but the buyer said himself that it was an accident. If it was deliberate, I would have taken it into consideration and tried to be better at communication. But honestly I’m not sure how much better I can be about communication without writing a book to my clients. He said it was on accident though.

Apparently you can get a mark and a warning for a ban without asking the buyer to change anything. I got a warning for ban without even asking the buyer to change his rating! Pretty crazy…The only thing I said was that I was nervous about continuing because of his last review. In his next messages he said it was by accident and asked how to fix it. Thats when I came on here to ask around and I told him kind of prematurely before seeing your guy’s replys that I thought he might have to contact cs if he wanted to change it, but that I couldn’t do anything about it because I didn’t want to get a mark on my profile or banned. He contacted cs about it and I got a mark anyway. That’s just ridiculous and I think I’ll be trying out some other gig sites. Just cause I’m so annoyed lol. I can’t believe how easily you can get banned. I don’t exactly feel safe or welcome to work on fiverr.

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