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Buyer accuses me of plagiarism but won’t receive refund

Thank you for your responses


Report, block, move on.

Don’t offer to refund anyone via Paypal. The only way you can give refunds is by cancelling an in-progress order. Trying to communicate, or do a transaction off-site can get you banned.

It just sounds like this person wants free work. Who receives work and only complains about it 2 months later? I wouldn’t have even worked with them to begin with because:

she got angry saying I was snubbing her, that her patronage would’ve been great for my business etc

And no, that buyer complaining about a 2 month old order is not going to get your account locked.


Thank you for your answer! I truly hope they won’t as I’m so close to being a level 2 seller and have worked so hard to get here… it’s past midnight and I can’t sleep because I’m nervous and awaiting her response.

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Just block them. You don’t need to wait for her response, it obviously won’t be anything good.

There is no reason for any seller to force themselves to deal with people like this.


Unfortunately, we all may encounter that type of annoying buyer. Just move on and don’t do work for this person. From what I have learnt, even if I see some potential clients write me asking for discounts or who have some attitudes I don’t like, I refuse to work with them.
It’s up on you, but in my opinion it is better to work in serenity and non to stress for people like this.
Also if you do the work for this buyer again, how can you be sure he won’t complain again?

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Thank you for your response!. I just feel so anxious as I’ve not been accused of plagiarism or spinning in all my two years of working on Fiverr and am scared the damage this could do

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Just mentioning Paypal to the buyer is enough to get your account flagged if they present the proof to customer support. Don’t write stuff that’s against TOS and give them the ammunition they need to get you banned from the site.


The best Solution is, before Buyer reach the Fiverr CS, You should contact with Fiverr CS & explain your honesty & your fear & share that How much you mentally upset about this clients. I Hope Fiverr CS Defiantly Help you. Coz i faced this kind of problem & contact with CS & CS team helped me.

Report her first, before she reports you!

This will be a great experience for you. This is definetly a bad buyer who want to take advantage from you.
Never work with unreasonable people like this.

The best way is to cancel the project via fiverr order.
and contact CS about the situation and ask their help to cancel the project.
Hopefully CS could cancel the order for you.

and Block this buyer after the order is canceled.

I did not know mentioning PayPal would cause any issues. My account has been disabled, please is there a way I can get it back? I was so close to becoming a level two seller…

No, no and no.

Read the ToS and follow them.

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I believe she did report and Fiverr did accept as I got an email saying the order from 2 months ago have just been cancelled and She has been refunded, and my account has been disabled…

I know. You broke the rules, that’s why. Follow the ToS of a service and then that won’t happen.

No. You broke the rules. Now pay the price. And don’t think you can create a new account now. You simply can’t work on Fiverr again.

No excuse. When you signed up to the site, you agreed to and said you read TOS. So why didn’t you?

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Sheesh, hostility is at max level. I’m a need you to turn it down a bit.


Contact outside of Fiverr (and that includes privately refunding your buyer via PayPal) is strictly forbidden. Didn’t you read the Terms of Service? It’s a strange things not to learn the rules if Fiverr is your only source of income.

You can try contacting Customer Support (don’t create a new account for that, though, because that would be breaking the rules again), apologizing for breaking the rules, and asking them to let you keep your account or open a new one. There’s no guarantee they’ll allow it, but you can try.

Also, read the Terms of Service, several times if needed, so you don’t break the rules again.

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I have from time to time found “copy and paste” instances in the works I edit. If it’s just one or two lines in the document, I flag it in the documents’ comments for the client and move on. If it’s large blocks of text or multiple instances, I stop working and let the client know that I am ethically bound to not edit nonoriginal content and ask for a cancellation. In both cases, I provide the link to the website where I found the original content, and I do not accuse the client of plagiarism; I always assume they were simply not taught about this. Many (perhaps most) of us grew up knowing that presenting others’ words as our own is unacceptable (and that this is “common sense”). In my experience, though, I’ve learned that some people do not know this, and I actually understand how someone who has been raised in a world of “cut and paste” might have missed this memo.

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