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Buyer acting funny

Hello everyone, I haven’t posted in a while.

I had a buyer who ordered from me, at first my instinct told me to be careful, but I just ignored it. The buyer sent me his storyboard for animation. I gave him 5 revisions. I finished the video 1 to 3 days before the deadline. the client kept requesting revisions, over and over until he finished the 5 revisions I offered to him, however, I still did 2 extra revisions for free making it 7 revisions total. I asked him if he was happy with the final delivery which he said yes. he then told me he updated the storyboard and was going to pay 50-100$ for the extra job. I knew how difficult the initial job was, as I spent over 100 hours working on that video, 15 days plus. I told him I was going to do the extra job at 400$. then he sent me a message saying, he was not happy with my work, I did this, did that etc. I already knew where he was going. so clearly but politely told him, that I will only take 400$ for the extra work, and he has said times without numbers, that the video was looking good and he liked them so many times in the chat. should I report this to support or should I wait to see what he plans to do? I need help please. he said he could do the video himself if I was charging him 400$. plus, the buyer is yet to pay me 10$ for the sample work which I delivered to him before he ordered. note, the client saw my animation skill, as I worked exactly on a video he provided prior to ordering from me.


You should have quit while you were ahead.

Why did you give him SEVEN revisions?

Does your Gig offer “unlimited revisions” as one of the selling points?

If so, DELETE that ASAP or you will ALWAYS get trapped into doing extra work for no extra pay.

The rest I think you’ve figured out.

If I were you, I would have cancelled as soon as things started going South.

But that’s me.

Oh, and I’m not even going to mention that you should NEVER have sent a sample that you will never get paid for.

Sorry, but I think you may have walked into this one.

Hopefully, the lessons you learn here will help you in the future.

It sucks that there are these kinds of Buyers out there, but they do exist.


I don’t offer unlimited revisions. the order was 500$ and i can’t cancel it. i worked for it, and its my money.
i offered extra revisions, just because i wanted to hold him by his words. since i was already having feelings about him, i knew i needed proof that he was happy with the delivered work. if i told him, he had used up his revision, then i won’t have the proof to show support. plus if he performs a chargeback, so i can still get paid, knowing fully well i did the job.


I wish you well but I think this one is going to get away.

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You can contact support… however they can’t force the buyer to accept the order so you’ll have to continue to communicate with your buyer … if the order was delivered according to the instructions that you received support won’t cancel the order either ( in theory at least ) … so you might end up in a situation where you will loose no matter what you do because if the buyer wants to cancel the order and you don’t accept that … there is a possibility to get a bad review which is totally fine if that doesn’t bother you ( it might affect your account in the long run though ) …


if it gets to that point, I always take my money i worked hard for over any fake reviews.

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Definitely reach out to CS, tell them you do NOT want to cancel. They can’t force the buyer to complete the order, but hopefully that will prevent the Buyer from trying to cancel on their end through CS.

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@imagination7413 Thanks i just did.

for my case I wont mind the bad review considering the amount you will loose and all your effort. on this platform I have seen sellers with negative reviews but they are just doing fine , as a seller I will also give my genuine experience with the buyer just to save another seller

@danielwanyagah support replied me, though they said they can’t do much on their end, I loved the finale response, which was if the buyer wanted to cancel their order, then need to provide good proof that the job was not done or not delivered as discussed. If not the money will be in the system. Though it may sound awful for me, not to receive the money I worked for, it is better not to get scammed.

@looseink hw you doing? Updating this post. Buyer let the gig auto complete, didn’t leave a review, now he is asking for project file, ofcourse i know I can charge him for it, but I feel he wants to take the project file and perform a charge back. How would you handle this situation?

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I’d send the project file and let the chips fall where they may.

I would still block the Buyer so you don’t get hassled by him/her any further.