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Buyer acts crazy


Long time ago like 6-7 months I received an order, I’ve tried to cancel the order since I was overwhelmed and i was going to stop the gigs when i got his order. I asked him nicely to accept my cancel request, said the reason, and he declined. Well when people can’t get a hint can’t understand and can;t be reasonable, I said to myself no problem he will eventually cancel when fiverr will show “fail to deliver”. Big. big big mistake…after waiting for the miracle almost 7 months I’ve asked again cancel request and again my client declined. I’ve decided to finally do the order and maybe then i can ask him again to press fail to deliver button (of course i don’t want negative feedback from him, i prefer fail to deliver than a bunch of ugly words), but guess what the buyer refused again, he got the order done, but simple don’t want to cancel the order. What should i do? Anyone had a crazy buyer like this one? Thank you!

If your buyer constantly declines the cancellation contact customer support and they will cancel it for you. Best of luck :wink:

After all this time I’m afraid that they (customer support) will blame me, I should have asked them long time ago to close the order, but i didn’t, and today I kinda lost my patience with the client, this can bite my, after long conversation with no end i lost it, snapped unfortunately. So i was thinking that maybe i can resolve this without their support, any ideas? Thank you!

After such a long time, if you’ve been playing cancel-tag, Customer Support is definitely the way to go. Even if they cancel it for you, it will affect your account up to a degree since it won’t be a mutual cancellation. It will avoid the issue of a negative review, however.

If the situation is as-described, I doubt CS will refuse to force cancel. The one thing that they may wonder (and I kind of wonder) is that if you were overwhelmed months ago but now you are only stuck on this one order, why not just deliver now and be done with it? Granted, the buyer might still leave you a poor review for the extreme delay, but since the whole situation is pretty strange there is no easy out.

I was actually wondering the same thing fonthaunt said, because it I know at the time is seemed like it was overwhelming, but after the fact why not have done it lol? Maybe situation could have been resolved before it escalated into weird territory but no changing it now unless you get 3rd party to mediate.

I did delivered his order in Inbox, and then tried to cancel again the order, he refused, and then asked him to hit the Fail to deliver, but he refused. So if I close the order besides the negative review I think he’s not letting me so easy, he can reject the order and still I can’t “escape” from him.

Why I delivered so late? I didn’t wanted to do his order since he wasn’t reasonable with me, I tried to cancel same day when i’ve received his order, explained that i simple can’t take any more orders and that I was about to pause the gigs (which I did it), told him that I’m sorry about this situation, so my point is i was polite, all I needed is a person to be reasonable and understand, in fiverr are many sellers, it’s easy to order from someone else, right?

Let’s say i was stubborn, he’s unreasonable i can be too… yeah my bad unfortunately.

Well, then, go to Customer Support. Tell them you cannot or will not complete the order and the buyer keeps refusing your offers of cancellation. If you haven’t ever offered him a real mutual cancellation through the Resolution Center you do need to do that first. I’m not sure it’s a crazy buyer but it is a crazy situation for sure. Time to get it over with.

As long as you’ve actually offered the buyer a real mutual cancellation and he has refused more than once, they will probably cancel it for you and you’ll just have a forced cancel on your record. End of story.

Well maybe the buyer is trying to teach you to honor your commitment. But if you were prompt about telling him you were unable to fulfill his order, it’s kinda unreasonable for him not to cancel. However, it IS his choice. So maybe just accept the bad review and move on. Next time make sure you can complete the task you agree to.
What does help is to make a polite/apologetic explanation in your reply to the bad review. That makes all the difference to future prospective buyers (like me)

“…trying to teach you to honor your commitment” What by acting like an obsessive, compulsive, psychopath? Person obviously has a screw lose, I would firstly block/report them in your inbox if they sent you any messages (not that it works atm, LOL) and then report and explain the situation to CS and if they constantly keep doing what they’re doing, report them every time until CS actually does something about it!
We don’t need these crazy buyers ruining our business and lives on Fiverr, they need to be stamped out! :slight_smile: