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Buyer aggression


Getting an aggressive revision request from a buyer is NOT tolerated. I would rather lose the gig than submit to abuse!


I’m sorry you’re going through this.

I encourage you to notify support since you’ve already completed the actual project.

Best of luck.


Thanks how do you report?


Follow this link and complete all the required details.



Yeah you get that once in a while. Just ignore them and move on.


I make a game of it.


Is the project still open? If not just report him. Dont waste energy on that.

If it still, open go to support or you will never have peace lol


Unfortunatly we all get idiot days there are just some people on this earth that their lives are so miserable that they have to make sure its passed onto others.

Just smile to yourself and remind yourself how great your life is and count your blessings.


Usually the Full Moon is involved …



Yeah I agree, this happens once in a while :frowning:I contacted Fiverr support for a case about two years ago and they MARKED IT AS DELIEVERED for me no problem! Because the buyer wanted more work from me, but Fiverr sided with me! :smiley:

TWO YEARS LATER, nope they say “we can’t do anything, work it out”, literally they said “work it out with the buyer”. That wasn’t happening it was a “cancel this order?” feud every 5 minutes and I TOLD THEM you want more extra words recorded? Add a revision or more words only $5 extra.

I had to give up and cancel it, my work not being rewarded but refunded. Fiverr support doesn’t do much for the sellers anymore IMO.

Sorry :frowning:


Thanks everyone! Guy was surprised that I told him “zero tolerance for aggression” but he agreed to close the gig


Very True and exactly same with me buyers on more priority then sellers support just refund the money to buyer @katabelle


I feel myself VERY lucky. I’m more than one year old on Fiverr and never have any bad or aggressive experience with any buyer. I think you should be VERY POLITE to buyers. You should cancel the order if the buyer is not satisfied with the work and asking for too many revisions. :slight_smile:


At least online business helps us not witnessing the aggression face-to-face. It would be much worse if we were shop-sellers and aggressive buyers come to us directly.


Excuse me? Don’t ASSUME anything!! I was EXTREMELY polite and did the job as quickly as I could! Instead of politely HIMSELF asking for a revision he pretty much in internet terms “yelled” at me.


I’ve worked in retail before … I’ve never had someone just be aggressive with me … Guess the internet makes people anxious and think they can just launch themselves verbally


I will Fiverr could help sellers in this case. Fiverr always go in favor with the buyers. :frowning: Sorry for the bad experience.