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Buyer agree to change order review


my client gave me 3.4 ratings . i ask him why then he said i did not know that its bad for you.
now he agrees to modify the review . i sent him review modification request from resolution center .
now my client says " i recieved the request but i can not click on anything " . Can anybody tell me or send me screenshots of how to accept review modify request .


Let him share what he sees from his end, only then can you know how to proceed. if issue persist, contact support


doyouhave any screenshots???


ask your buyer for the screenshot of what he sees at his end of the order resolution, you can share that for suggestions


you shouldn’t be asking your buyers explanations about their reviews , fiverr might give you a warning


but apparently some buyers dont know what they are doing. begging for reviews or 5 rating is something fiverr will have issue with. but if the buyer thinks he diddnt know what he was doing, i dont see anything wrong with it. and i have contacted support about it before and i was told, its the buyer decision, but i should not influence the buyer review by begging or requesting for it when they decide not to


I think we have right to know why…
Especially when some buers do not bother to write in the review any specific details. It’s just good to know what to work on and what to improve in work to become better seller with more $ to share with Fiverr…

…or it happens that someone gave lover review accidentally - like I got one moth ago. I kindly asked why I got 3,4 stars with “perfect” description in the same reveiew. Especially when I did everythin accorting to requirements and fixed a small mistake in free revision request. He was sure he gave me 5 in everywhere. Fortunately he changed this to 5. Rating saved.


I know all the stories , it also happened to me … :slight_smile: but you can still get an account warning for it… is it worth it ? don’t think so …


I wonder… what is difference between talking about review via private message and official request in order page? It’s the same act actually. Buyer receives notification and he can check it, read it (or not) XD