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Buyer agreed to give me extra time

Hi, I had my first gig and the buyer was very satisfied. They asked me to add something to a video project and agreed to my extra few hours to get it done. They left me a wonderful, positive review, but my profile said I was late by like 2 hours and is not indicating a 100% on-time on my profile. What can I do about this? Any suggestions?


You could have used the resolution center to ask for more time to avoid the issue of having your stats affected. But now it is too late to do anything about that.

Your stats are only available to you. No buyers can see them. After 60 days they will go back to 100% if you do not have anymore issues.


Oh that’s good to know. Thank you for the feedback. Yeah there wasn’t an issue with me and the client… So I didn’t think to document anything, but now I know for the future. Thanks again:-)
Tom S.