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Buyer Already using fiverr thing without paying to other sellers?

I have a buyer who`s using things without paying to sellers. I have seen Fiverr logo on that things Which he give me to use it. What should I do?


report to CS with proof.


He cannot asked me for cancellation but I thing he will asked me soon?

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What? I dont understand?

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I check the website Which link he sand me and I see there is a lot of work with Fiverr logo. If he paid for them Than why Is Fiverr logo There

send the link here, so i can see

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Here the last three videos see of the page…

@ mariashtelle1
I need Help…

While that is suspicious, it isn’t 100% proof of their guilt. You’d be surprised to see how many people are blind to watermarks, they simply don’t notice them. There is a chance they downloaded the videos once and didn’t bother to do that again after the watermark was removed.

Do they have reviews as a buyer?

If there are no other major redflags, I would continue working on their order. Just be cautious and don’t give them any legit reason to complain about your work later.


Thanks but His Fiverr account is from 2012 and He is top rated buyer But have not any review.

Some buyers don’t leave review and sellers can only review buyers if they did, so sometimes you would see old acounts with a status indicating they had orders, but there would be 0 reviews.

I’m not sure if one can get a top rated status if their orders are being canceled though.


Yes, your right because If he cannot spend money then why he is TR buyer…
Thanks for your good guideness. Have a great day Dear fellow…