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Buyer and Gig issues

Hello every one,
I need to know a thing.
How can I set up my profile and gig,
so that any buyer can not Order my gig without permission me?
When I approve then the buyer can order.
How I set this or what is the process?
Because last 2 days my 4 gigs are disputed.
Because, 3 buyers were a spamer.
Not genuine.
So, that’s happened.
I don’t want to kill my profile.
Always want to keep it clean snd fresh.
I am in so muvh trouble.
Is it the 4 cancellation hamper my profile or gig performance?
I need to know this also.
And if it’s happened,
what I need to do now.
I want to improve all.


Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your buyers…
As a matter of fact, there is no way you can stop people buying your gigs without your permission. The only thing you can do in this regard is to write “please contact me before placing order” in bold and highlighted form… write this text, at the end of your each gig description. This will let people know about how to proceed using your services.

Secondly, order cancellation does not affect your profile too much until it becomes a routine matter like you cancel your order on daily basis or you are cancelling half of the orders you receive. A few cancellations does not affect a lot if you are frequently getting orders…
Hope it helps…

Thank you very much brother.

You are welcome brother :slight_smile: