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Buyer and I decided we not not proceed with the job - Been left with automated review saying I was late


Started using Fiverr a couple months back. I really was enjoying it. Most clients easy to deal with, it was a great experience. Until, I got a late review.

I taken a job from a Client to migrate there site to VPS. At the time, the buyer misinformed me what OS his VPS was on, and therefore we both mutually agreed to cancel. Next thing I know, I have a review saying I was late delivering it. I contacted the buyer and he said he left no review since we both agreed to cancel. I then realized this must of been Fiverr.

The buyer was very helpful to be honest. We both contacted Fiverr to try and resolve the situation since we never had a problem with each other, just confusion on the order. Fiverr informed me it couldn’t be removed and I was basically left with a false review. So since my rating slipped, I could no longer applied for jobs.

I waited for my funds to process for me to withdraw. Overall, if Fiverr sorted out there review system, I would probably still be working here today. Shame. But hello Freelancer


@therighttwo The buyer cancel the Order ? and you agreed on that ?


The buyer did cancel the order yes, after it was already late. The buyer was quite slow to respond. Contacted support, asked them to go through the order conversation so they can see that buyer and I both wanted to cancel before it was late.


I think thats why you received the review , i think you should cancel order first if he was not responding :slight_smile:


Before the date of your order


It’s unfortunate it ended up like this. There was a simple solution though. Use the “resolution center” tool. That way, the system will read your cancellation as mutually agreed. The buyer clicked the option to cancel because of late delivery and that leaves automatic one-star ratings.


This was your fault - nothing to do with the review system.
You should have initiated the cancellation and this would not have happened. It is unfortunate that you did not realize what would happen when the buyer cancelled but it is your fault for being uninformed - system has been that way for ages.


Yeah, I realize that now. Weren’t sure how exactly it all worked. But I can only imagine they’re plenty more sellers like me who don’t realize how the whole situation works.

It weren’t that the system automatically left a review which frusfrated me, it was the lack of support from the Fiverr staff when both seller and buyer contacting them informing of a mistake from our end - Maybe they could of looked in to it and read the conversation logs. But, it’s cool. I’m making money elsewhere now.


I don’t think this was your fault. I’ve had exactly the same situation - requested to cancel, the buyer agreed once the order had become late, and chose to use the ‘late’ option to complete the cancellation at his end, instead of the option I gave him to mutually cancel. I contacted Fiverr support who said they couldn’t do anything about it. I agree it’s the poor resolution system that is to blame, because I couldn’t have done anything more. Frustrating.