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Buyer And Revisions " Bad Behaviour"


Buyer requested Bottle Design,
then i have designed one

refused then
2- i have designed one again from scratch,

said that he didn’t like it
3- Then i designed one new idea from scratch with all functions required.
he said that customer will not like it.

" i have not request any extra for the more two designs"
and now he want fourth design within the same order.
What is my fault?
what is should make with this buyer?



Try working with him or offer a cancellation.

You need to be very clear in your description AND your replies to any buyer that, REVISION means a slight change in the initial design.

You giving revision does not mean you keep creating NEW designs. That is NOT revision but rather a NEW creation.

I understand you are a new seller, so for your shop to build up, I would suggest working with buyers for now.

But once you have a reputation, be firm but polite and tell them, giving them NEW design is not asking for revision.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


@djgodknows Absolutely correct. Revision means revision (some changes of the initial design) That’s a whole new work.


thanks aloot djgo for your reply,
But cancelation after i have maade 3 designs be useless.
2- i have designed something with same dimensions provided and then he request new design.


So what next, Shall i do fourth design and then he refuse it and then he cancel the order , and i lose more time and effort?


You’re being taken for a ride. Redeliver your last piece of work and say “sorry, you have paid for one design not three and I can not work with you any further without a second order being placed and more information directly from your client.”

All your buyer is doing here is getting lots of different designs to show off to their client with to make them look good. Also, if your buyer leaves a nasty review and you have the end clients company name, simply create a youtube video or leave a Google review, saying what a huge scam they are.

  • Just don’t threaten to do that or you will have Fiverr’s quick armed response unit closing down your account and ordering takeaway pizza with any revenues you haven’t withdrawn.


It’s better to cancel now because there is the higher chance of him not liking your next model as well.
You should not create a new design in the first revision. There are many buyers you will gonna encounter who request the whole world for just $5, all you have to do it just simply deny those buyers cause they will waste a lot of time and effort.
Please be more careful in future. I wish you all the good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks Alot arcsolutions,
your reply is very heplful,
"That is fact"
and i hope you also good luck


Thanks alot cyaxrex for your advice,


You’re welcome. Please feel free to write me a cheque for $66,0000 should you ever wish to compensate me materially. If not, no worries.


Yeah I was wondering why in the world you kept creating a new design everytime lol


Buyer Said that what i want, also, i make the design exactly same dimensions as he provided,