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Buyer and revisions

I hope you guys doing well. I just have few questions, I am new to whole Fiverr Experience, tho I’ve been working In industry for more than 6 years, and sometimes we face clients with a different mindset. So I met a guy in Fiverr,

and he has given me a 3D Animation Job, and as you know Render of animations takes time, So I sent him to render shot of multiple frames, to approve the color, ambiance and everything, and I asked for his approval, so I can start the render. and he approved everything, but when I gave him the final video, he sent me the revision of the same thing ( light, and color, though he approved it earlier ), at first revision i said okay I’ll change that, but then he asked me again for revision.

So kindly help me out in this.


Muhammad Usman

Ps. The buyer is actually a seller, and i know he’s outsourcing the project


How many revisions do you have included in his order?


If it’s your 3d animation gig, you offer 5-9 revisions, depending on the package, so you’ll have to keep revising.


This is a harsh lesson to face, but now you know you need to drop the number of revisions you offer OR clearly define what counts as a revision in your FAQ. (I would also recommend limiting the number of revisions you offer in your other gigs. Your 2D gig packages all offer unlimited.)

I actually didn’t mention any number of revisions, but I’d love to give buyer as many revisions as they like ( just some basics… ) but the render thing is on a whole different level, because rendering takes a hell lot of time

Thanks for pointing out, I really forgot about that, i’ll edit this right now. Moreover the actual was about a custom order, and i have defined in that if there’ll be any revision which includes repeating of the render process, ( so it’ll has the charges ), but i haven’t defined them in my profile.

I’ll definitely write some FAQs by today.