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Buyer and Seller Accounts

Can I make 2 accounts on Fiverr (One Buyer Account One Seller Account)?

You only need - and are allowed! - one fiverr account. You can both buy and sell from one account - there’s a link on the top right of the screen that you use to switch to selling from buying and vice versa.


If I need to buy some service from fiverr can I buy it. I need something for my personal use. Don’t fiverr get suspicious think that I’m outsourcing work.


You can both buy and sale, no problem at all

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@razehehmed To be honest, I don’t think Fiverr cares about that. Many buyers are resellers both on and off Fiverr. As long as Fiverr is making money, they’re happy you’re buying stuff as well as selling it.

You can buy and sell with one accoun, no need to create two account

Not an issue. Its up to you how you want to get your job done.