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Buyer annoyed I didn’t deliver what I said I couldn’t offer

Basically I stated TWICE before an order that I don’t offer or produce videos.
I also made sure my offer doesn’t say I do. This buyer wanted a song and lyrics for his video which I said I couldn’t offer.
It is now two days post-delivery (of song and lyrics which my offer included) and he says he can’t open the file.
I send it in multiple formats and he even asks me to upload it to YouTube, etc…
I thought he was talking about the song but apparently it was a video, I am now told (he said “it’s just music, not what I ordered”!)-I said again, kindly, that I had stated before I don’t offer that and am now waiting on a reply.

I worked really hard on this song and lyrics, hours on end, late night and early mornings, communicating with him, even sending short samples…
What do I do if he wants a refund for something I never offered in the first place???

he opened a dispute

As a new fiverr seller, did I handle this well

I also sent videos of me opening the files and then working


He can’t ask for a refund because you delivered everything as promised. If he will try to cancel you can just reject it because again he doesn’t have a ground for it and you can also point out to your offer that it doesn’t include video and send him screenshots of your conversation where you are clearly stating that it will be only song and lyrics in your offer.


Though if the buyer isn’t happy and (incorrectly) thinks it’s not what he ordered (even though it is) if he wants to cancel maybe that could be the best thing to do. It might just be a bad buyer (eg. doesn’t read the offer properly, says the file can’t be opened when it can, or tries to get more than he ordered (a video) and did read it).

If the buyer isn’t happy and won’t be happy unless he gets a video too, if he’s not able to cancel, it’s likely he could give a low rating. A low rating with only 1 other rating on the account could be very bad for the account (could stop the ability to send offers to buyer requests, at least for quite a while, might make it harder to get future orders). Even a rating of 3 with only 1 other rating could stop the ability to send offers to BR until it’s higher.

edit: Another option is to ask CS to cancel it saying they’re asking for something you didn’t and don’t offer. Doing it through CS might make it not affect your evaluation stats.

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Thanks for replying
I did sent him photos of me clarifying - still waiting on a reply.

When he sent the requirements, Did you not realise he was asking for a video?

Sorry you’re going through this - it’s frustrating! I agree with everything @mariashtelle1 is saying. You might also proactively send the screenshots to CS in case he tries to escalate it, and it will be clear you’ve told the Buyer multiple times that they’re moving ahead with an order that does not encompass everything they want.

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I knew - and I told him TWICE that I don’t offer it.

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Then you cancel the order, not deliver and expect him to be ok with it.

I delivered the order
Then all these problems came up
I think think what filed the dispute (declined) to keep the files that actually work and not pay for it

They placed an order with certain requirements. You haven’t delivered those requirements.
What I mean is that you shouldn’t have worked on an order that had requirements you don’t offer.

I delivered the requirements I offered and told him I offered.
He asked for a song and lyrics - I delivered the song and lyrics.
He asked if I could do a video, I said more than twice that I don’t offer videos as it is not my profession. I told him I could only do the song and lyrics, and he went through with the order AFTER I clarified all this meticulously.
Now he is complaining he didn’t get the song, after the delivery. Despite also messaging me “not working - only music” - meaning he could actually hear the song but must have been expecting a video…except later when I showed evidence of me letting him know I don’t do videos he turned the problem into “asked for a song. didn’t get a song”. This contradicts what he said before : “only music”.
I went to CS and they said they could open the audio file without any issues - so I believe he is canceling with ill intent as the file is working. I also submitted multiple file-formats to ensure it would work.
I have never had this problem with other buyers.


Thanks for clarifying, but to be sure I understand correctly:

He asked for X
You said yes.
He then asked for Z
You said no
He ordered X (but thinks he ordered Z)
You delivered X
He’s demanding Z

That right?

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Ok, that makes a lot more sense.
Stand firm but beware you may get a negative review although often these types of people don’t follow through. They huff and puff but when the house doesn’t fall down they move on to the next little piggy.
Seems like support have your back and won’t cancel it anyway which is good.


Then when I showed evidence of me stating i don’t offer Z he made a problem out of not receiving X despite previously indicating he could access X and it was working…so I think he’s just trying to find an excuse which is unfortunate

I haven’t received a bad review yet - I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up though?


Then when I showed evidence of me stating i don’t offer Z he made a problem out of not receiving X despite previously indicating he could access X and it was working…so I think he’s just trying to find an excuse which is unfortunate

I haven’t received a bad review yet - I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up though?

Yeah…no bad review yet. Thanks for your reeply.

my buyers are annoyed by everything lately … lots of strange requests and people that are not reading my updates… and instructions , it appears that the more you try to help them out the more absurd they become

Update: he is now asking for another order and still claiming he cant open the files and that I “only sent screenshots of the files” and not the actual files. I continued to send him video proof of the files I sent him working (which I have done previously multiple times), and a screenshot of CS confirming that they work.
I am not willing to continue work with him but I’ scared blocking him will give me a bad review!!!
Please help.

Not sure what more help we can offer.

Maybe you can report him to CS for harassment?

(Saw you made a new thread. That wasn’t really necessary. But if you chose to not delete it, you should edit in a link back to this thread.)

You’ve been enough help thanks . Obviously I’m still learning the ropes here and I did report him. I was very stressed about whether I was handling it correctly which is why I made another thread - but it probably wasn’t necessary in hindsight .
Thanks for your reply