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Buyer are Used Fiverr Forum?

Heii…What’s up.My question is Any Buyer use Fiverr Forum??
What if they are here?Just Curiosity ★★

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I know several buyers who use the forum, others know, too, so yeah, there are buyers on the forum.

What’s scary is that I had a problem buyer who came to the forum and haunted me :grimacing:

But there are awesome buyers around, too, and sometimes you’ll find some of your own buyers around here, and the experience will be awesome with them in here :slight_smile:

Unless you have something to hide and are scared of the idea that your buyers will come here. Are you scared? Do you have something to hide? :smiley: If not, don’t fret :wink:


We’re all potential buyers! :slightly_smiling_face:


yes, there are potential buyers on the forum.


:open_mouth: No way! I don’t believe you!

I thought buyers were forbidden from reading the forum! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah.All.buyer are potential… I hope you are more then others

Buyers rarely come here, while all of us are potential buyers, most of my market are buyers who aren’t sellers, meaning they struggle using Fiverr, ask dumb questions like “what do you need from me?”, message too much, etc.

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Yes only who are very potential

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Yeah.many seller are very sick minded .they are do not know any work

Don’t know what you meant. My experience is that most sellers are good at what they do. If they aren’t, they start getting a lot of negative reviews until no one hires them, or they get angry over having to refund all the time.


I Think Worldwide Buyers using fiverr forum

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