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BUYER ask for MORE but wants to pay LESS

I had encountered several buyers who always demand for something that is worth more than they are willing to pay. I understand that people are here on fiverr to look for cheaper service. It is too much to ask for something that may worth 100 dollars in other sites and pay only $5.

Still quality of work is the most important thing so always be considerate if you want a real wonderful work.

Happy to serve :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, so o fiverr you have to start your gig with offering something that starts with $5 and then use gig extra to add more money.

for me I had buyers order less and ask for more. I simply just contact them and tell them that what they ordered is too less and they should add the gig extra if they want such feature they talked about.

sometimes my customers feel what i am offering them is alot but i try to persuade them to get the gig extra or we find a way where we can meet half way.

it depends if you think it’s better to get money than nothing. or get nothing than too little money


thanks for this comment.

I realized that I really need to edit my gig description.

maybe I’ll just learn how to communicate effectively with the buyers…

I’m also thinking to sometimes ask for a custom offer because every project was different in difficulty but that might not always work :frowning:

Yes, I have seen many other sellers reiterate in the gig description to contact the seller before purchasing the gig, as many gigs total cost will depend on exactly what the buyer’s needs are. Another thing you can do if the buyer is simply refusing to pay more for what they want, is to simply be as polite and professional as you can, and to explain to the buyer that you simply do not offer the service they want at the price they are asking for, and suggest that they look for another skilled professional here on Fiverr to help them with their needs. Then attempt to mutually cancel the order. At the end of the ay, that’ about the best you can hope for.

Reply to @regerar: It seems like some people do not understand the value of some service unless they are someone professional or in the same field. I think we can not do anything with that kind of buyer.

I guest we have to deal with that reality if we want success here on fiverr.

Wish for the best :slight_smile: