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Buyer ask for more money, refused to cancel order

Tried to cancel order but no response from customer service. Buyer refused to cancel after wanting more money and I already paid through paypal.


All you can do is to wait until CS get back to you. If you look on the email receipt they sent you, you’ll see how long the current response time is.

Good luck! :sunny:

I think you mean the seller, since buyer’s do not usually ask for money.

Have you talked to the seller about why they are asking for more? Did you ask for more than the gig said it would do for the amount you paid?


I am experiencing the same. I paid $6 and she sent me an offer for $20. I asked her why she changed the price but she wasn’t responding so I entered a dispute and cancelled the order. She declined the cancellation and sent me an ugly logo. I don’t want to proceed or review until she finalizes the price with me. I sent her a message about it and still no response. Her profile said she’s from the US but her local time is somewhere else. I’m not liking this at all. I even gave her a chance because she said she’s a new seller. I should have known better.

Did you change your requirements?
Also $6 for a logo :frowning:

I got a logo for $6 and it was professionally executed.

could you tell us what do you mean for “professionally executed”?

The intial questions were only 2 so I submitted those but she wanted me to answer 6 other questions which I did.

I was very happy with the product. I am weary when people offer me a service too cheap.

What questions? You completely lost me here. Can you elaborate further?

I’m glad to hear you got a logo you are happy with for only $6!

Glad you happy too - If the seller is happy with his $6 then who’s to complain.