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Buyer ask for more work after deliver the Project

Hello, Forum,
I face a problem with the buyer, he ask for more work after delivering the project, so please let me help what to do!

Thank you very much :heart_eyes::heart:


In my case, I accept to make some little changes if needed even after delivery, but a moment you have to say STOP and explain to buyer that it’s the last time you’ll change things in his project.

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Simple, if they want more work, just charge more too.

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Thank you very, But am worried about buyer’s Secret Feedback, which asks Fiverr after buyer live feedback!

That time buyer not agree with me, I think am a new seller!
Thank you!:heart:

Don’t do any more work without a new order.


No i am new seller… Ii complit one odder

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Welcome for your first successful project!

Buyer give you requirement on your order.If yoh completed all of this then tell him to make a new order. But if this is a small work then do it.Becouse It’s help you for again work with him.

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thank you very much, for your best advice! :heart:

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