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Buyer ask for refund after 14 days of delievery

Hello everyone!!
Hope all you are doing well. I started work regularly on fiverr approx an year ago and just complete 100 orders with all 5 stars!! but facing this issues first time so need your suggestions.

So on 9th July on guy contacted me(He is also seller) that one of his client need help to fix bug on his wordpress site and i am giving your reference. So i contacted the buyer and ask details about bug and desiered output. It was the custom order for 3 days and next day i was able to fix the issue. I messaged him and that seller too twice to bug is fixed and please check and let me know if there is an update.
Buyer didn’t respond at all and that seller just conferm it. To manage my deadline i submitted the delievery and its auto completed after 3 days.

The last night, i received message from buyer that bug is not fixed and i want refund :frowning: I replied him that please provide me credentials again and i will check the code and updates, if there are any mistakes from my side then i will surely fix it.
Upon check on code the all files are updated 2 days ago and my code is not there that i added for fix bug. and buyer is asking for refund.
I don’t want to do rework as its not my fault. Can you please suggest me that what should i do?
Thank you!

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Did you make a screenshot of a code when you created it to have an evidence of your work?

It’s always a good idea to have some evidence because without it if customer goes to CS they will be able to cancel an order because you can not provide an evidence that you did your part of the job.

But maybe other sellers who work with coding can give you a better advice on how they manage it

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Nope, I didn’t took the screenshot unfortunately, But i have habit that i stored updated file logs in on txt files of any project for month. I just have that one. even i didn’t imagined that this will happen.
bdw, thanks for reply and suggestion. :slight_smile:

He just replied me that

I tried to update it since it wasn’t working

it looks like he messed up something while updating and that seller is saying that the other plugin is not working correctly. i didn’t touched that plugin because its not related to the issue.

Then You should say that you have an evidence that the work was done properly and as per your gig description and their original requirements. And if they want you to look at it again and try to fix what the changes they applied then it will cost them X amount of $

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