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Buyer ask for Sample

Recently I faced the problem. Buyer want work sample without creating any order. Which is really annoying. because after working hard for them, they do not create any order. So what should I do this type of Buyer?


Do not create “samples” for them.
That’s a big red flag if your so-called client want a sample and doesn’t even want to pay minimal order that means they are planning from the beginning to get your sample and run away with it without paying


Offer them to send a custom offer for a paid sample order. If they don’t want to pay for your time you need to do the sample, chances are they don’t want to pay anyway.


Politely remind them that they can check your style in your gig gallery, and, also politely, tell them that you don’t offer free custom samples, but that they can order your basic package for just $5. If they still refuse to place an order, politely tell them that you’ve unable to help them.

With your prices, whoever asks for a free sample doesn’t intend to buy, so there’s zero need to give them anything for free.

Oh, and it would be a great idea to get rid of unlimited revisions, that’s an invitation for abuse, especially when combined with the $5 price and delivery within 24 hours.


@catwriter Thank you so much for your informative suggestion. I’ll correct my revision method. Till now 3 buyers asked for the sample but after providing them sample they do not reply once.


They are refused to take minimum order.They are just want it free. After today I’m not giving them any sample.Thank you

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Yes you are totally right. They just escape away. There is no rule to complain about them?

Of course there is no rule for that. That’s not how fiverr works. It’s explicitly said in fiverr TOS that all work starts only after placing an order. In this case you basically decided to work for free because you also didn’t follow fiverr rules.
Of course you can go and complain to CS but they don’t have any way of protecting you when you and your client misusing the platform.


thank you again. I was doing the sample for them because I thought they want to know my work quality but they escape away that’s I never thought. From next, I’m always careful about it.

I also made that mistake when I was a new seller. :wink: However, these “buyers” only want to steal from the new and inexperienced sellers.


I think they are telling you to make a mockup design.

Of Course it won’t be a wise idea to do something and show it to them as in the meantime someone may show something good and grab your opportunity of working with him/her.

I would suggest you to show samples of your previous work.
In case you have to make some mockup make an agreement and take some amount before you proceed.

Good luck!

I have more simple solution @saminatasneem

Every time my buyers ask me for samples I leave Big Giant watermark on that sample so they can’t use it anywhere unless they buy that thing.

that’s it.


Yes. The just want to take benefit without spending…

Actually they don’t want previous work sample they want their work sample and if they like it then accept it(Conversation way). Actually they are just want to steel Idea.

Actually you are right one way but in this way, they sometimes steal our idea. After all of my friend’s Conversation I’m sure now we are need to very careful about this.

Watermark is a good idea when it comes to designs or anything to do with images in general. As for writing there is almost no way to protect it. It is sad but true.
You work for hours and do your best to produce your best piece, just to be stolen and claimed by someone else.


Buyers asking for samples are not buyers most of the times are only after free work.

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Yes. You are right :frowning:

you are right there is no other way to solve this problem and we need to be very careful.

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I have also been through this and i know how much this hurts, Buddy.

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