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Buyer ask for the changes after 4 months of i delivred order

I was delivred order4 months ago, then now buyer ask to do some changes and fix it with the Latest version which comes last month, otherwise he will cmplain me on fiver, even he was test and gave 5S review before order delivred.

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the best option is deliver the changes

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Do you have unlimited revisions included in your gig?


Why is this the best option?

The order was completed four months ago.

Software moves on. Hardware changes.

The buyer is just being abusive.


Try to solve buyer demand… You will get him/her more times…

Send them a custom order to do the updates.

I had one buyer who contacted me over a year after delivering an article demanding a free updated article because the one I wrote was no longer relevant. Of course it wasn’t! And of course I didn’t give him a free article.

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You shouldn’t work with someone who’s threatening you for work, period. Unless you didn’t deliver what you promised, I would honestly move on from them if I was in your shoes.

Say “Sure thing, I charge XX amount for a new revision.”

Just report this person as if you software didn’t fail but a new hardware update changed the landscape (essentially the brief) that is not your thing (unless you should have known).

Coming at you with standover threats must go to CS


I think the important think is winning the buyer.

I think you can have a good conversation with the buyer to solve the problem

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@sakibacca I have a similar issue but the buyer wont reply back and dont know what the review will be

A buyer that comes with threats and doesn’t pay you for a NEW JOB that he is asking? He never requested any such service with the first order based on what the OP says, so this is a new job. Why not pay for the service? The old order was completed and rated, so there are no revisions there. This is entirely new. This buyer just wants to get away with more work for free. Not ok. I would ditch such a buyer myself, clearly no value there.


not sure why would he want a buyer who asks for revisions after 4 months

This is best solution. I had done the same when the same happened to me