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Buyer ask me to cancel the order


Hello guys,

i received order and dilvered it on time but buyer want something else that i am not offering in that GIG and he asked me to cancel the order first i declined then he replied and threaten me to go to fiverr support if i didn’t accept the cancellation i did it because i don’t want any problem for $5 .

But the problem is my order completion go down and this is very frustrating for me.

is there anyway i get back it?


More completed orders.

You got owned! Buyer got free work and his money back.

You should’ve stood your ground. If you did the work that was offered as per your gig description. You deserved to get paid for it $5 or not. Unfortunately, all cancels affect your stats no matter how you slice the :pie: pie


Why didnt you ask fiverr support before he did?

Threats should always be reported, even though fiverr favours buyers more but then again you should always try and if you gigs description is vague then try to highlight the service which you dont provide.