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Buyer ask me to deliver order first then he do payment

I mostly see buyers !
1- They asking for the initial designs or work and when we give them they will not order the service and
2- some buyers do that they take delivery of order first and do commitments to place order after satisfying from the services but didn’t reply then or order.

How to tackle this ?

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Buyer ask me to deliver order first then he do payment

Say that’s not how Fiverr works. The buyer has to place an order so you can then start working on it. If they insist on getting the work first, they are probably trying to get free work from you. You should never risk it. It’s not worth it.


if you work for a client without placing order, you work at your own risk and against the rules of fiverr.

Any client asking you to work without placing an order is most likely gonna swindle you of your effort.

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What kind of work are you doing for your client? You both mention academic work, and your buyer mentions “academic dishonesty.”

Doing academic work is against Fiverr TOS. You could lose your account for doing this type of work.

Besides, you cannot show your buyer’s name on the Forum. Please remove it.


Fiverr strongly recommends never to start working until the order is placed. If you accept to start working without an order in place, Fiverr offers no guarantees that you will get paid.

Your buyer mentions assignment and academic dishonesty. Please keep in mind that doing any school assignments for buyers is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Just don’t. I know that $$$ sounds tasty but you have like a 0.1% chance for getting it from this guy/gal.

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Thank you people for clarifying this

Never do that. First they should order. Only then you should work. Don’t fall in traps.