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Buyer ask me to low the price on the order after delivery to avoid cancellation

Hi there,
So the buyer set an order, I deliver the voice over and ask for revision, i did it and send it. communication was fine, but today ask me if I can low the price because her client (its a third party) decides to not use the voice.
I tried to modified the order but not succeed. It´s this possible ?
Is an agreement for both, so she pays my work as she is not using it.
I wrote to the resolution center, but i have only 5 hours to deliver modified work, as she ask for revision and ask to low the price.
This could affect me right?
Thanks in advance !


Did she decide to avoid using that clip you sent her because there was a problem with that voice-over in particular, or did the client decide to not use voices at all in her project? Let me understand why she asked for the revision.


Her not using it (if that’s even true) has no affect on the time and effort you already invested in this. Why should she get a discount?
Unless there is a quality issue and the service was not as described of course.


The client decide not use voice at all in her project.

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I know, i thought so !
The quality and service was as described also I sent her differents takes, and inflections …
I havent had a cancellation yet and I´m trying to avoid it.

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You sent her many more versions and she still had to say something/notify you of a “cancellation”?
A saner person would’ve simply paid your services and said nothing…

She sounds like she’s using an excuse to justify herself. She had the money (budget) to put forward and suddenly has now decided not to. You’re not the one who’s in the wrong, and her behaviour is shady to me.


It’s against Fiverr ToS to cancel just because someone doesn’t need it anymore or quality. You can communicate that to the buyer and refuse cancellation. You’re due the originally established wages for your work.


No, the price can’t be modified. The only way for her to pay you a lower price would be if you sent her a custom offer for that lower price, she accepted, you delivered, she marked it as complete, and then the two of you cancel your current order.

But that would affect your stats, and for something that’s not your fault. You did the work, and you deserve to be paid the full price.


What a dreadful buyer you’ve encountered.

Morally, they should never ask you to drop your price after placing an order. This is very bad business practice that only shady people get involved in. In my experience, what’s happened to you is typical of resellers who plague this platform.

You can’t modify existing orders. It’s a contract. Orders can only be cancelled. If you cancel, then your completition stat will be affected. If customer service cancel, then they can (but might not) do so without affecting your stats. Either way you lose your revenue.

A decent buyer would just accept that the brief has changed, absorb the cost out of their own profits, thank you for doing a decent job, and leave genuine feedback.

The problem is you are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you don’t do anything, your buyer will likely leave you bad feedback because they’ll be annoyed. If you do take action, at best you will lose your revenue - and at worst you will lose your completion stat.


Thanks for the answer ! It´s really a pain… to deal with this kind of buyer, either way I´m the most trouble one. I´ll try to explain this, and hopefully she understands.