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Buyer ask more than what he paye or hi will make a bad review !?


Hi every one,

I’ve some buyers this days how ask extra services for $5 ( basic price on Fiverr), when I ask for to add extra they put a bad reviews.

shame on those peoples and Fiverr system should be help us!! because we give our best and we get bad reviews !!

PLZ if you have any suggestion share it with us


Take a screenshot of the conversation with the buyer and drop a message to the customer support.


It seems like this is becoming a common practice on fiverr… what a shame


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for your replay :slight_smile:

I give him the extra work as a bonus after hi asked me to make a modification on the extra work!! I told him that it’s an extra and he have to add an extra

finally hi gave me 4stars!!! I asked him to change it but I didn’t get and answer from him.

I feel that I’ve been abused :confused:


Reply to @solow13: Great idea I will do it

thank you so much for the advice


Reply to @cre8iveartwork: unfortunately yes!


they always want best ! some of buyers even when you done in the best way they wants

more !

in logo design some of them will not impress even if you make most gorgeous logo’s ( my experience ) but keep in mind they are always good buyers AND bad buyers


I just had a buyer that never responded to my instructions,he just threw a bunch of text that had nothing to do with my instructions and now he is threatening me :slight_smile: so… what can you ask ?


Reply to @saidesign: You welcome.


Reply to @cre8iveartwork:

Yes, you’re right! Have a look on what people say in this discussion in the same line…


Reply to @nikandlv:

yes, reading through the forum, it seems logo design is at top for this “extra working requirements”…


i recently face the same kind of issue. I am afraid of getting bad review which might impact on my status.