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Buyer ask pending revision, (already 28 days)


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your time.

I have delivered a project for a returning buyer, (good buyer),
then he ask for revision which he will provide later, because he is so busy …,
and i said “ok, will waiting for the update…,”
I thought that buyer will need only 1-2 days, but …
it’s been 28 days since then, and i have sent buyer a reminder about this twice, without any response,

Can anyone provide me with good suggestions?
or having similar experience?

Thank you in advanced :slight_smile:


A good customer or not. Do the revision, because you had agreed to it, and there was no time bound to your agreement, all you had was a mental idea of how soon he would come back.

Do that, and you may have yourself a loyal customer.


You seem to offer unlimited revisions?

From here:

If you set unlimited revisions, it’s your responsibility to revise the Gig until the buyer is satisfied.


28 days is more than enough time. It’s time to resend the original file, explaining to them it’s been nearly a month since you’ve heard from them. Let them know you’d be happy to do any revisions, but that you must mark the order complete once again because of they have not gotten back to you in a timely manner.

Chances are, they forgot - life does get in the way. If you have no instructions for revision, then there’s not much else you can do but resend the file and hope for one of two things:

They forgot and will let the order autocomplete (after three days).
They come back and realize they forgot to give you the revisions they need.

There’s no reason to wait 28 days for revisions - least in my book. Good luck.


Buyer only said that he have a revisions, and will send the revision detail later
I can’t do the revisions because Buyer didn’t tell what they want yet…

Thank you for the input, will do it :slight_smile:


I am actually in a very similar situation right now. I’ve received a revision request with “I have a few notes, will get them to you shortly” message and that’s it and it’s been 3 weeks with me messaging the buyer once a week to remind them I exist and not receiving an answer.

I thought about redelivering a file with a message like suggested above but apparently from what I’ve read on the forum recently “intentional delivery” or something along those lines is a thing CS may or may not consider a ToS violation. I.e., when the buyer clearly indicates they are not done with the order yet you deliver the same file again anyway.

I’m a bit confused what to do and I’m willing to bet I’ll get the whole “we can’t force the buyer to accept the delivery…” spiel if I message the CS about it.

Also, isn’t sending “blank” revision requests like this a ToS violation on itself?


I’m not sure if this qualifies as a blank delivery, as you’re resending the file already sent with the message that there’s been inaction on the part of the buyer. Since more than enough time has passed for a buyer to review for revisions, it should be in seller’s rights to resend the file once again (and I mean LITERALLY REALLY SEND THE FILE) so it’s not considered a blank delivery.

Make them aware that you will be happy to handle any revisions if they come back to you and request them but that three or even four weeks is too long to wait. (Don’t mention anything about payment, but most buyers are understanding about this).


I actually thought he had returned after 28 days. Isn’t the order marked as complete?

Whatever the case, you will have to wait for his instructions before you proceed with anything.

My case was probably similar, the only difference was that instead of the buyer using the Request a revision on the delivery page, they just sent me an inbox message…after three days the order was automatically closed. I did send reminders for weeks till I stopped bothering. But, whenever they show up, I will add what they wanted to add.

As for your cases, it may affect your Completion rates - in that case, you would rather contact CS and cancel the order. Because if you chose to deliver anything now, the buyer may show up one day and you will be in trouble with Fiverr.


Oh, in my case I’ll be away to take care of some family matters for a week starting tomorrow and I’m 200% sure she’ll show up with some urgent revisions the second I get on the plane.

This entire approach to managing the project makes me livid, though. There are cases when something happens in buyer’s life and they have to step away but then there are people who will literally write to you “I’m pressing this to stop the order from closing. I’m off to vacation and will get back to you with this in 3 weeks” and it’s somehow allowed.


I wouldn’t know what to do here.

If it was still active and due to be closed within the week - I would ask CS to cancel it. Then message the buyer you wont be around for a week, and since they weren’t around you had to cancel, if they prefer to, they can wait till you are back.