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Buyer ask to work without order.. Confused!

Hi, Fiverr or expert seller. I am confused about an offer from buyer. Can i accept this kind of offer? or it’s against of Fiverr

. Please, check attached file and let me know.

Best Regards
Zahid Ahmed

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The buyer wanted a custom offer from you.

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Thanks. But I think you missed something.

What ???Please tell me

The Buyer offered me something else instead of order. please, read one more time attached file.

I’d think you definitely shouldn’t.

You are supposed to deliver work done (orders) through the “Deliver” button (and normally only in the order section), which you can’t do if they don’t order anything.

Sometimes people work on samples/previews (with watermarks) but you can’t deliver actual work (without watermarks) without an order being made. Also, Fiverr expects to get their 20%, which they wouldn’t be able to do if you did as he asks. So no, I’d say don’t do as he asks as it’s mostly likely against Fiverr’s terms/rules.

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Thank you! I also thought about like you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Should I reply to buyer or just ignore his/her offer?

I’d just reply and tell him sorry you can’t do that, and that you can only do the work if an order is made.

Thanks for your kind help. I just wants to add few words with your line. like…

“Sorry, I can’t do that. Fiverr not allowed to do work without any order”. It’s will be ok?

Yes, that should be okay.

Thank You! :slightly_smiling_face:

Reply with “NO” then report as spam since I was also sent the same message sometime back.

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Ops! I already sent and reply from there “No problem”.