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Buyer asked for a Modification. BUT


I had a buyer who liked my work and request a modification.

and I did in a few hours and I waited for his reply.

this happened in 24 th June.

but today morning I got a notification "the Order Canceled by Fiverr CS"

what happen to it ?

Why These type of buyers still in here :frowning:

I sent a PNG file because he liked my 1st design.

I don’t know the reason for do it.

Screen shot attached. :frowning:

Thank you.

it looks like you did not deliver this order via Deliver Now button. At least it looks different from my usual communication thread.
And if you don’t deliver officially, your order will be cancelled.

We can’t see the messages from buyer!

So can you share a screen shot where your buyer liked the work?

And that was probably your mistake. Always deliver via that button.
If the client doesn’t like it, they will ask for modifications again - they already know how it works :wink:
You might be able to convince Customer Service to activate the Gig again. If not, have the client place another order to make up for the money you lost.
If the client values your work, they will certainly be kind enough to help you out.

It, to me also looks like you didn’t re-deliver. Unfortunate outcome.

Reply to @voicetex: I deliverd my work. then he sent me MODIFICATION REQUEST :slight_smile:
Then I didn’t Deliver it until he Fully Satisfied.

Hope you understand my System :slight_smile:

Reply to @abidagfx: He liked my 1st Design but he was looking something different and he sent a draft he need. then I did it in same day. after it he didn’t reply me. today morning order was Canceled by CS :frowning:

Reply to @alex_logos: Did or did you not deliver both files via the button “Deliver now”?

Reply to @voicetex: I did it 1st and then he asked for modification :slight_smile: then I didn’t Deliver and Waited for his reply.

Reply to @voicetex: My gig is Active :slight_smile: there is no problem. the problem is why client do it like that before sent me a reply :slight_smile:

Reply to @gailbunning: I think its problem with his profile. his profile was removed from fiverr :slight_smile: