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Buyer asked for a sample

Hello! There was this man who asked me for a video ad for his YouTube channel. I said yes I can do this work but he asked for a sample I tried to show him my previous work but he said make a new ad and after that, I’ll pay for it. I made a new video ad, there were some mistakes but I told him this is just a concept he said no make it mistake-free I said okay…I made a good quality ad for him but after seeing it he appreciated me and never came back! However, I placed a big faded watermark in the video. I don’t know to provide samples or not because it took a lot of effort to make his video and he never paid!


It’s up to you but that’s not how fiverr works.

If he want a simple “sample” (which is not a sample anymore if you are doing custom work for him) You can send him a custom offer for smaller price but to make it clear that it’s just a sample and full work will cost more.

Personally, I never do samples. Usually people who are asking for samples are scammers


Yeah…from now on I’ll just show people my portfolio. Because it takes a lot of effort to make new samples. BTW thanks for replying

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Don’t complete your work at sample stage. Next time if anybody want, then send 20-30% of work. And convince them to place an order. Otherwise same thing will happen again. Sample can’t be a 100% of work.

Yeah I know and that’s what I did but he said that I’ll surely place an order and blah blah blah and he never came. BTW thanks for replying

All “samples” should be charged for. Never give them free. Ever.