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Buyer asked for a very difficult work and does not even want to purchase extras?

The buyer asked for a 3d face. I charged 10 for it. Then he/she started to ask for more things that weren't in the original gig, such as hair, neck and a shirt (which I did anyways to please him) and he wanted it to be super similar to a photo. He keeps asking for revisions claiming that it doesn't look similar enough to the photos. I have worked on it for hours and hours at this point and doesn't even want to purchase extras to pay all this work, so I'm actually earning only 8 which is a misery

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I think you should convince buyer by sharing details of work you have done for her. She should understand how much time and effort you have put in this project. Otherwise you have an option to mutually cancel the order in case she is not having extra budget.

To make sure it does not happen in future, please write very clear description about your packages and what is and is not included in each package. There are some service that not only require details about what is included, but also details about what is not included, and your niche is one of those.

I wish you good luck and lots of sales. Have a great day :slight_smile:


You have a choice to make. You can either:

  1. Deliver the finished job and refuse to do more revisions, and simply say “This job is complete as the gig descriptions states.”


  1. Offer a refund. In your case since you only have one review, this may be the best thing to do. You are at the mercy of a very fraudulent buyer.