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Buyer asked for cancellation

I worked hard for a buyer for 2days, made 2revisions as well and now he says he wants camcellation because he didn’t like my work by opening a dispute. What should I do? Should I accept it?
I am a new seller and it’s really kinda heartbreaking.


I’m sorry this happen toyou.

If you reject the mutual cancellation, there is a risk of negative review for your profile. I have faced a similar situation recently and had to accept the mutual cancellation.:slightly_frowning_face:


What if I don’t accpet?


you shouldn’t accept the cancellation request :slight_smile:
you worked hard.
politely write to your buyer you won’t be able to accept. if the buyer have any additional requests then you are ready to do (if you offer limited revision request then send the buyer new custom order for new revision)

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And if he gave me bad review instead? :frowning:


Here is the answer.


will get a negative review but you will have the option to write the reason why the buyer evaluates you badly.
if you are a frequently order receiver then it doesn’t affect so much your gig statistics.
if not then can be harmful to get next order.


Thank you everyone, helped me alot

I had the same experience a few months back. I still clearly remember, I worked on order around 18 to 20 hours and the buyer ask to cancel an order after delivery. Sorry to say but I accepted cancelation. The reason was I had only a few reviews (all positive) and not wanted bad reviews.

Definitely I am not suggesting to work free for buyers and accept cancelation but I think you cannot ignore a bad review also as a beginner.

So don’t take quick action, think a couple of hours as you are growing seller and take action. And don’t forget every bad experience is the best teacher.

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ask for try a another one revision & give a high professional work. or aspect cancellation. i have facing four time this type of situation. 3 time i aspect the cancellation & one time i cancel the dispute and give a another revisions finally buyer ok with that

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My buyer didnt even want a revision,anyways I cancelled it, cannot afford a bad review at this point.

The problem with canceling is this buyer may likely tell other people how they got free work from you and you’ll find others like them at your door. Good luck.


Can you explain, how anyone at this platform could do that?

Let say you write music lyrics on Fiverr.

BOBBY places an order, you write his lyrics, he sees them, claims he’s not happy and cancels.
BOBBY walks away with the free lyrics he wasn’t charged for.
BOBBY then tells his buddy RALPH how he got free work from you.
RALPH places an order, you write his lyrics, he sees them, claims he’s not happy and cancels.
RALPH walks away with the free lyrics he wasn’t charged for.
RALPH then tells his buddy WHITNEY how he got free work from you.
WHITNEY places an order, you write her lyrics, she sees them, claims she’s not happy and cancels.
WHITNEY walks away with the free lyrics she wasn’t charged for.


Fiverr doesn’t work like that. Mostly buyers aren’t related to each other in any way, only negative review can tell any potential buyer to stay away from the service.
Order cancellation will affect the order completion rate, nothing else. I cancelled an order last month and got about 7-8 orders after that.
Please don’t misguide anyone. That scenario you’re creating here has a probability of 1/10.
Although I really don’t know how content writers or any other services which doesn’t provide watermark can prevent/protect their work from being used for free, if anyone cancels it? That’s what I often wonder.

I know tons of people in real life that use Fiverr on both ends. I also came across blogs about how to scam people on Fiverr. Guess what! I also came across the names of sellers who got scammed. I’m not just talking to talk.


I am sad to say that there are unscrupulous :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: groups of buyers who share this kind of information so they can scam sellers—especially new sellers who typically do not want to chance getting a poor review.

When I was a new seller, I had this experience. Once I stood up to the buyer who was trying to scam me, things got better. BTW it was through the Forum I learned not to cancel and fight for my hard-earned :moneybag:.

Maybe you are the one doing that? I have refused to cancel and as a result, received a bad review. Then I had clients after that say in their review that the buyer who gave me a bad review was wrong. :wink: Plus, I did a good rebuttal of the review. One of my best clients asked me about a 1 :star: review I had on my profile. I explained the situation and he went on to order in spite of the review.

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I hear this sort of chatter from musicians so the scenario presented does occur.

I would think firstly how suited the work was to the original Brief/Scope - and I am wary of working for anyone without a clear one or willing to work with me to develop one (that is better than to clone Hans Zimmer or a scene in Avengers). If the buyer chose me, I would assume they had researched my “sound” and therefore knew what was a likely outcome. So long as the work presented had got past Round 1 with no major criticism, then I would not be bowing to pressure to cancel based on “I don’t like it” as that only says that I don’t back myself.

If Fiverr looks at decent work and sides with a customer playing games then they don’t deserve my presence and support of their income. Allowing clients to hold us to ransom with bad reviews is similarly unworthy.


I think that is more suitable for reputed sellers or sellers at a higher level. I can’t imagine my profile at the moment with a 1 :star: review.

Yes, when I’ll get past the no. of reviews that It’ll not affect my profile or a gig, I can argue with the buyer and try to reject the cancellation request. Order completion rate will be affected, I know, but seriously we new sellers can’t afford a negative review with such a huge competition on this platform.

I’m not in favor of canceling the order after the hard work and giving away my work for free (although my services are being protected by a watermark and cannot be used without my permission)
until then, we need to swallow the pill and hope for the best, that’s what my viewpoint is. Yours can be different and don’t disagree to it and have a full respect for that champ. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s what I often think about, that the services that aren’t protected by any watermark, how they can be prevented to be misused or prevented to be used for free?

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