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Buyer asked for cancellation

And this is exactly why I have refused cancellations. Although to be honest I never had anyone request a cancellation until I was a level 2. However, even then I always made the buyer go through CS to get the cancellation. I fought it to the bitter end.

True, we can disagree and still respect one another.

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Got it but I had no option, I am a new seller and I can’t afford bad ratings… He had his all work done from me… But the lesson I learnt I am not doing mutual cancellation in future.

Some people might report them if they’re found online or publish them first (if those are okay to do with what was created). It might help stop them being used or stop their continued use.

Also the seller could inform the buyer wanting to cancel that they would keep the rights to the work if cancelled and the buyer couldn’t use the delivery if cancelled anywhere etc. if that’s the case.

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