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Buyer asked for changes through message days after marking order as complete! HELP!


An order for my logo gig was completed in a timely my fashion and I tried my best to create what they buyer was looking for. The buyer marked the order as complete and did not reject if for changes. I have been in the hospital so I did not see when she messaged me a few days ago (days after marking the order as complete) asking for changes. I was also on vacation status on fiverr at this time. Since I was in the hospital I did not have a chance to respond to her message. Is there a way that the negative feedback can be removed because he/she did not go through the proper channels? The buyer should have rejected the gig and asked for changes there, not mark the order as complete and message me days later for changes. I contacted customer service abut this and they said there is nothing that they can do. I have also contacted the buyer but she is not responding. My 100% positive feedback went down because of this! Please advise! Thanks.


If the buyer specifically dropped the negative feedback for wanting changes after completion, you are in your right to deny them. You could contact Customer Support and tell them that the feedback was left as retaliation for not doing free work. Prove that the work was accepted and they might.

You could also contact the buyer, and tell them that since they accepted the first piece, you are willing to make the changes if they buy it as a new Gig and change their feedback to positive. No sense in accepting more work for free, especially since they already bad-repped you.

Or, you could do the changes for free with just changing the feedback, but realize that this buyer will then use that same pressure every time - and likely with other buyers too. So know that once you cave, it will keep caving.