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Buyer asked for contact number

Hey everyone!
Recently a buyer asked me to give contact number so he can send some code and then he’ll hire me. I reached customer support and they forbid me to share my contact number and i simply refused the buyer to do so. After that he never replied.!


that is normal !
don’t hesitate.
sharing personal details is prohibited.


Most buyers do that deliberately.
Don’t fall to the trap.
Never share your personal details in what ever format.



You did absolutely right. Fiverr is very strict about rules and regulations. And one more thing, like others commented that buyer might be done it intentionally but there are also new buyers who has no idea about rules and regulations. In that case, as a seller we should help them out instead of mistreat them. You did a great job by letting Fiverr know about your problem. Never share your personal information with anyone. Best of luck for the future. Cheers!


U did a great job not sharing ur personal number. Never do that.


never share your personal detail not just because of prohibited but also he can trap you and get a lots work without paying.

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Thank you everyone for the response.! :slight_smile:

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Do not share it as it is prohibited @ummeaiman739

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Sharing your contact information will get your account banned. So don’t do that.