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Buyer asked for contract, help!

Hello there! So, a buyer has asked for personal information in order to make me sign a contract. I know it’s not safe and that it is not allowed to share personal information, so How can I tell them a kind “no”? Thank you!


Don’t tell him no :smiley: but tell him that signing contract is available on Fiverr for business accounts and those who applied to CO and sales manager. If he arranges that he can then contact you (he wont but you are safe).


State that it is against the Fiverr ToS and that you intend to stick to following them.

I’m just suspicious when a Buyer makes these kinds of requests of female Sellers.

My Spidey senses go nuts.


Mostly anyone who demands extra contracts outside of the Contract that is made as part of a Custom Offer (and the gig itself) is either clueless or predatory.

Ask them to present any necessary clauses for consideration for building their Custom Offer.

If it is the usual NDA then just put that you agree never to talk about their (soon to sink into obscurity) pink mousetrap and let them think they have something that they didn’t already have.


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I’m with @Looseink - female sellers unfortunately have to be very careful. Is this a ghostwriting client that’s asking for this? I’m not sure what kind of contract they’d need - Fiverr has pretty clear parameters built in for assigning commercial rights to deliveries. Contracts for jobs that don’t even break a grand honestly strike me as a lot of navel-gazing, frankly. I prepped modeling contracts for almost a decade and that was photography used for nationwide sales campaigns…that’s the sort of thing that calls for a contract, not $100-$200 deliveries on Fiverr.

It’s not to say your work isn’t valuable and worth it, it’s just a lot of pomp and circumstance for an extremely straightforward transaction, to my mind.


Just say, no - you can’t as it goes against fiverr’s TOS. I feel for the most part - that buyers trying to arrange contact outside of fiverr - likely want to see if they can get a lower price and feel they would be more likely to get one, if they could talk outside of fiverr’s constraints.

A simple NO, it does against fiverr’s TOS, should suffice.

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Thank you! Yes, they asked if it’s possible to pen down the clauses. Do we have enough space to write them in the Custom Offer, when we create it?

Yes indeed, technically you can put in any clauses but stick with simple, common sense things.

Anyone coming at you with things that are outside of common sense or industry standard (which should be done anyway) is just being “Navel Gazers”.


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politely refused a buyer once to share personal contact. just told him about fiverr terms and conditions. he was very sensitive and innocent i think. offer me to cancel his order then.

Thank you so much :smiley:

Thank you very much :grinning:

Always refer back to the terms of service, common sense and gut instinct.

Not only does Fiverr not allow the exchange of personal information, the platform has been designed to enable jobs to progress easily and speedily. I made a similar comment a few days ago - people need to stop trying to find workarounds to secure orders. The Fiverr platform hasn’t been designed with the exchange of contracts in mind, so any buyer that requests such a thing is a total moron and therefore probably someone who will be trouble should you try and continue to work with them.

Plus, as has been said already, there’s a personal risk as well. You have no idea who you are dealing with. How do you say ‘no’? Easy. You say no.