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Buyer asked for impossible revision?


I need advice on how to approach a situation where a buyer asked for an impossible revision after I delivered. I delivered a 1.25MB gif, but the buyer ask for a revision that the gif had to be smaller than 33KB, which is not possible without limiting the gif to three frames. I told him as such and he has not replied in 2 days.

This buyer has bought from me many times, and I want to maintain our professional relationship. What should I do? I don’t want to cancel the order as I already finished the job, and it would reduce my completion rate. I would also feel bad taking his money knowing that what I delivered is completely useless to him…but I did accomplish what he initially asked for. So I’m thinking of telling him I will give him a discount on his next order.

Any thoughts or advice?


Hi,try to reduce the resolution size of the gif.


from 1,25 to 33kb, there’s a large gap
but not impossible

how many frames do your gif have?
what’s the resolution? (size and dpi)


I’m not asking for advice on how to optimize gifs (it’s too late anyways), I need advice on dealing with the buyer.


wow… it’s a rude answer…


Maybe combine that with

Then he can see what you can do within his 33KB limit and he might be fine with a gif consisting of only 3 frames (maybe that could be enough for his purpose if those 3 are carefully chosen?) and the discount shows clearly you´d like to continue working with him.


If he did not bother to answer in two days then all you can do is redeliver what you already have. Send a message that if he needs to chat about it you are available. That is all you can do. It is his responsibility to stay in touch with you after asking for a revision. Also send him as close as possible to what he asked for.


Try to communicate with the buyer and make him/her understand your point of view. Redeliver both the files (33 kb and 1.25Mb) in your upcoming delivery. But explain the buyer in detail about your perspective.

Good Luck!!