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Buyer asked for my email and right after that I flagged and blocked him. Was it the right action?

I had a buyer quite recently who was asking me out for making a fillable PDF form, maybe because he saw that I use Acrobat DC.
So this person comes up and tells me that I need this done. I’m like okay, please let me have a look at the file first. He takes time and replies when I question him whether he is interested or not. He says I have uploaded the file. He asks the question that whether I saw the file or not again. Then asks about email address. I replied that they aren’t allowed to be exchanged on Fiverr and that I’m not interested in working with him. After that I flagged the part where he said email and blocked him.
The person also seemed shady and probably a threat who could send me a virus loaded file. So I blocked him.
What would you have done if you were in my place?


Good move…

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