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Buyer asked for refound but he used my video

So I got a video animation order last week. I worked like 40 hours for the final result then my customer asked for modifications. I did all he asked, then he told me the video is not wat he expected and he want to cancel. So he asked for cancel and I was agree.

Now I can see his company used the video on all social media platforms getting views, likes, etc.

What should I do?

As a seller you should be carefull in giving the final version or transfering copyrights until the payment is not done. I think there is probably nothing you can do now except for giving a bad reputation to that buyer on his social media platforms which is a very unprofessional move. But you can be carefull next time by placing a watermark or logo in your videos with very light opacity and remove it only when the order is finalized and payment is done.
Or else you should try contacting fiverr support maybe they can help.

There are many scammers like this in Fiverr… We must be careful.

That’s really sad to hear… I’m not sure but perhaps contacting Fiverr Customer Support might help? If that doesn’t work out, if you really aren’t comfortable with the buyer using the work, you should try contacting him and politely explaining to him what you think about the situation.

This really rattles my cage. From my own experience, buyers who do this are usually middle people who take on jobs from other websites and companies and outsource them to Fiverr. In this case, contact the company or website which is using your material and explain that they do not have any right to use it and that you would like it removed. Usually this will quickly sour their relationship with the person who sold them the material and they will loose future business.

Also, make sure at the same time to direct them to your Fiverr profile, as if they have been sold material at a mark up, they will likely be pleasantly surprised to find that the materials original author will do the same work for much less.

This happened with me, once I received 4-5 orders from a church over the span of two months, I delivered them all files, they never left any reviews until last time when they ask for source files, I delivered them that file using “Dropbox” as file size was big, after 2 weeks I deleted that file from my dropbox folder because of limited space, after a month client left negative review on all order and branded me a “fraud”, I forced to issue him full refund which was close to $40, then I checked their social media and found they were using all files including last order file on there facebook page and getting likes, comments etc

I contacted them using social media but they never replied, I contacted fiverr team they told me they are unable to help as order has already been cancelled.

Sad to see even church people are not honest.

This is more than one year old incident when there was no time limit for leaving feedback.