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Buyer Asked for refund after Order completed

Hello everyone, hope you are ok!
A buyer asked for a refund after the order was automatically completed; i designed everything included in the package, and provide all the files.
After sending the final files, he said he will takes some time to think about it, the order got marked completed after 3 days, and the buyer didn’t show up.
Today he sent me a message asking for refund, claiming that he don’t like the design.
Is this right?
Thank you

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Per Fiverr’s policy: Order cancellations, similar to Requesting Revisions for your delivered order, cannot be done based on personal taste. You can read more about this policy here:

If it’s a personal taste issue (and you delivered as advertised) I would communicate with the Buyer further and explain that you completed the work and should be paid accordingly. You don’t ask for a haircut and demand a refund because you didn’t like it––you are not only paying for the “end result” but the service/time of the Seller.

However, if they don’t like the design and you’re willing to work on the (already) delivered product more I would communicate this to the Buyer as well. I don’t think this is out of the realm of being fair to the Buyer… that is if it’s a simple fix like alteration of color, etc. This is ultimately your call and decision.

If you only offer revisions with the purchase an the revision extra, express this option to the Buyer as well. We all understand that additional service(s) comes with a cost and you should be paid for any additional services that you be rendered and that you should be paid accordingly if extra do the service already purchased and provided.

Whatever you decide, be sure to be clear with the Buyer all options available and reasons behind any additional work/service you may or will provide complimentary or at a price.

Best of luck to you!


You can either offer him a new design or report the case to CS

Hi,No it’s not right

absolutely no its not right :frowning:

@thepromogirl has said it all. Enlighten your buyer in a polite & professional way, while communicating this to CS beforehand.

asked buyer that i will redeliver the work with different design concept .try hard to satisfy him …ask for more instructions and requirements. tell him to send me your previous designs so that you can get an idea…if buyer is not satisfied with redelivering the must cancel the order…
i also faced such issue but i always satisfied the buyer at final deliveries with 5 stars review+tip …

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Well, the problem is with the seller, and he cannot reach the design basic quality. I tried hard to cancel the order, and he dont want to do it. It is not fair.

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