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Buyer Asked for Revision instead of Completion?


I got really confused today, I delivered an order to a buyer that seemed happy with the end result, even in chat he said everything is alright. But instead of marking the order as complete he chose revision even though he says he doesn’t need it?

Please look at the picture and tell me if this is ok ?

Also I am really worried since it says I’m late for the delivery somehow ?! I have delivered in less than a day, and redelivered 3 hours after the revision, somebody explain please.

Thank you,


Sounds like he may be a reseller and has to deliver your work to his buyer, and is not sure if his buyer will be satisfied or need a revision, so he wants to keep the order open and not close automatically.

Pretty sketchy if you ask me.

You are NOT late - the only delivery as far as meeting the deadline is the initial delivery - so, if you delivered by or before the due date/time, you are fine. It always shows LATE when someone asks for a revision.



This needs to be handled carefully. I would suggest asking your buyer when they think they will have the revision ready, but maybe also set a time limit (say, a week). If your buyer does not reply, resend the delivery in four days, so that they have the week to provide the revision they say they’ll need.

I just glanced at your profile, and your “cash cow” gig is breaking the ToS.

source: Prohibited Services - Fiverr's Community Standards


Thanks a lot for the reply, I can see why now.

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That is just scummy practice indeed. Not even explaining why this might be needed, alone begging your forbearance as they take advantage of you in this way.

Technically it is a breach of TOS that you could/should report. If anything gets done by CS is a whole other thing.

I would initially try to ride it out then once job is completed, never work for them again as this indicates someone who has no respect for a) the rules b) other people. Sooner or later this person will burn you badly (as opposed to just a bit as they are doing here).



Thank you for your reply.

If by misleading you’re referring to the thumbnail, I don’t think it is, also given the price of the gig, I’ve never had a customer order before sending a message to inquire about the service, I then explain everything in more detail if needed, if my gig was misleading, reviews would be bad.

Thank you though,

Totally agree with you, you’ve got a solid point. I won’t be working with this customer again.

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This is very confusing for you. I think if a buyer sent this to me, I would interpret it to mean that he is still checking the delivery that you sent and he is just worried that it will auto complete before he has checked that he’s satisfied. But he so far sees nothing to worry about.

‘Right now’ (in his words) he has not noticed any need for a revision but he has more checking to do before he feels able to sign it off.

It may just be that he has misinterpreted some sort of message Fiverr has sent him, i.e. that he has gained the impression that it is fine to ‘request revision’ just to get himself more time to look at the delivery.

I had a buyer who yesterday asked me whether I felt he should approve the delivery, and could I please tell him when to approve it.

I was a bit taken aback too because nobody ever asked this before, and he also was a happy buyer who was still working through the delivery and he felt he was running out of time.

I replied that when or whether he signs the job off is entirely his choice and that I do not wish to influence him in any way at all. He then signed it off. :slight_smile: I think there are some confusing Fiverr messages going to buyers right now.


Thank you for you reply Annie, wise way to handle things

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Thank you, Sugepowa!

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I’ve had two orders this week go into revision while the buyers get feedback from their team or from the client of a client of a client. It is pretty annoying when the revision request is used just to bide some time but none of my buyers have been dodgy and they often don’t know the rules. People rarely read through the ToS. I just make it clear that I will send the original work again if no revision notes are given after 48 hours.

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Yes same thing happened with me. The buyer need time to confirm about changes with his spouse. He just make a revisions request so that it won’t get auto completed.

Because you can’t completed the order what he actually want from you.