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Buyer asked for sample and unlimited revisions

I recently came across a buyer, she asked If I could offer unlimited revisions. This was my reply:

“Oops! we wouldn’t be able to provide unlimited revisions, It’s against our work terms and policies but we can offer you up to 4 number of revisions. Thanks, Coden”

And then she said, “Sorry but this job does not seem to fit your expertise. I wish you the best for the future.”
I’m new on fiverr, but not new in my profession. I’ve carried out several researches and understand the bad effects of unliimited revisions. Now the question is, how do you sell your buyer who wants unlimited revisions and probably need some samples before having to hire you?

in my opinion there’s no such thing as ’ unlimited revisions ’ , it usually opens the door for abuse … especially online


At first when I created my gigs. I provide endless revision but unlimited revision causes unlimited stress from buyers who are ungrateful with what is being delivered to them.

A buyer can purchase a gig of 10 USD and ask for countless revision that might caused a 50 or 100 USD gig under unlimited. But now I’ve started changing it and buyers who approach me asking for unlimited revision just sounds like unlimited headaches because you will spend weeks delivering $5 gigs project with tons of revisions. Well I say NO to them.

I would highly recommend you not to fall into provide unlimited revision.

he can ask for more revisions even if they are not included …unfortunately and at the moment there’s not much we can do about it …


The buyer’s interest should be the delivery he gets.
Demanding unlimited revisions is more than required.
To answer your question, no I wouldn’t take this kind of order.
With something like this, problems are almost automatically inevitable.
I wish you more luck with the next buyer. Best wishes :slightly_smiling_face: :v:

Thank You, It’s really helpful

Demanding unlimited revisions is more than required

Unlimited revision is problematic