Buyer asked for Samples Help!


Hi,Im newbie here and one buyer sent me a message to show samples.I showed him samples and after that he didnt give any order,response or reply.What to do?
Is it ok to show samples to buyers?:expressionless:

Is it ok to show samples to buyers?

It could be that the buyer is just busy and stepped away from his computer and replies to you later. It happens a lot where you think they will reply immediately but sometimes a day goes by.

Showing samples to buyers is perfectly fine but make yourself a strict rule like “only one sample per buyer” because sometimes buyers can be shady and just keep asking for samples which they then take and use for their own reasons and never pay you. Also if a buyer asks you to do a piece of work as a sample for free, decline politely and advise them that you’d need to be paid a little something for your time, even if it’s only $5 to mock up the sample otherwise they could do the same thing - get a piece of work for nothing and never intend to purchase from you.

It just helps keep you safe. I hope this helps :slight_smile:


breathe Inhale and Exhale!

Give the potential buyer time to review your work. If the buyers are interested they’ll get in touch.