Buyer asked me about something and he isn't replying


A buyer asked me “do you do arabic writing as well?”, I answerd him " Hello, how are you sir, of course sir I do …etc", and he is not replying. I contacted him again " Hello sir, how are you, I’m interested in working with you. I will write a unique content…etc" to convince him to work with me, but he is not replying, he has “top buyer badge” or gold crown, my question about contacting him again and asking him for his notes about my gigs in order to avoid these mistakes and improve the service, kindly, your advices. knowing that he is a top buyer and I am a new seller need to work with good buyers, I appreciate your advices


He asked you a question, you answered.

Don’t keep messaging him as it may annoy him. He asked you a question - it wasn’t anything more than that.

I’m sure if he wants to order from you he’ll come back if he wants to.


Overuse of the words “sir” or “please” or “dear” is a turnoff for many USA buyer - of course, not saying this person is from US. It’s good to be polite but not overly so.

If he’s looking for a translator, he’s probably looking for flawless writing skills. Your communication may lead to him thinking otherwise.


thank you very much, valuable replies


Reply as soon as possible under 5 minute I think if he wants to order from you he’ll do that