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Buyer Asked Me Skhipe and Whatsapp I Simply Rejected But

Hi Fiverrions,

Today One of my buyer asked me to connect via SKyp or whatsapp I just simply rejected it typed message “sharing info outside of fiverr is against policies” Immediately I got notification under it Your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team due to a possible Terms of Service violation. This may take up to 24 hours. In the meantime, buyer can’t see your message. We appreciate your patience.

I am scared of it is this ban my account. I didn’t asked his skyp or whatsapp in conversation he only asked I simply typed that message.

Can someone help me here.



Don’t worry, nothing will happen. Certain words are automatically flagged and they trigger the message you saw in your inbox. Fiverr Staff will take a look at it, see nothing is wrong and will remove that message from your conversation. Happened to me at least 50 times. Nothing happened.


Thankyou so much you start my morning with hope.

If you’re concerned about your response time, you can send an amended message in the mean time–just say “sorry that’s against the Terms of Service” and leave it at that.

That way you will have responded promptly while the pending message is being reviewed.

Don’t Take it Seriously nothing will happen

Nothin will happen. dont worry

Well its very nice question & Fiverr will not ban your account but in future try to avoid restricted words in massages.

I usually reply with ‘’ unfortunately I can’t help ‘’ and report them after that .

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Use pc/laptop more often while chatting then it shows restricted words as warning so you wouldnt send them/ re write them while typing. Best wishes!

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rather than saying “outside of fiverr” I always say “all communication needs to be within the fiverr platform” If you haven’t said anything that is a breach of the TOS, your message may just be manually reviewed and all will be OK. You only need to be worried if you have actually broken the TOS by suggesting contact outside of fiverr :slight_smile: