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Buyer asked me to email them - would you report?

Looking for opinions here.

A buyer I’m currently working with gave me their website address so I could see their previous design work, and later asked me to email them via the site. They asked in another language so I doubt it will have been picked up by Fiverr.

I did inform the buyer that it’s against the TOS, but would you report them as well?

A little context: the buyer has been a lot more demanding than many here on Fiverr, and a lot more critical, so I wonder if they’re perhaps not as familiar with the site (not that I don’t deliver professional quality work of course, but typically my buyers don’t expect the same of a $5 service as they would of a $100 one). I’m worried that when the buyer sees I’m unwilling to email them they’ll give me a low review for poor communication.

If they give you a low review for refusing to contact them outside the site, I’m pretty sure Fiverr Customer Service would be willing to consider removing that review for you.

As far as reporting them, it’s up to you. I think the main thing Fiverr is concerned with is that people not make contact outside the site to circumvent the Fiverr fees - the Fiverr folks want to get paid also. If you feel like this incident is merely one in a string of difficult incidents, I’d recommend you just cancel. If your gut is telling you a buyer is going to be trouble, that instinct is usually correct, and frankly, $5 is not worth getting hassled over, especially as you’re at Level 2 already. Your call, but there’s my 2 cents’ worth.