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Buyer asked me to give hime my account?

Hi, my name is montaaz, I am in Fiverr since 2015 I was active only for the past 6 months.

Today a buyer contacted me, and asked me to take a look in his job’s specifications, he sent a text file, I downloaded it and here what I found:

I told him I can’t do that, he kept telling me how much he will pay me. Basically, he wanted access to my computer via Teamviewer to work with my assuming-that-I-have UpWork account.

I threaten him to report but he said:

Can he really do something like that? I am really afraid if I lose my Fiverr account, I am working hard to maintain good work and ratio and I finally start making real money.

Can anyone help me, please? Thank you


Send all that to customer support. And after this just use the little report button when you get something like that text without having any discussion with him except to say “no”.

I get that same text file from someone about once a month for the past year. I have never responded to the guy.

Never have any discussion at all with this person. He constantly sends out this spam to lots of people, for months.


Hi @montaaz,

First, please erase user’s name, it’s agaisnt forum rules. Thanks.

Second, please contact CS and report the buyer.


I am sorry I don’t know how

I got a message from someone before from China(similar scam but different) asking me to buy them a computer and make them an UpWork account on it because they used to use VPN but got banned. They said they make less money because they are from China and want to use a computer here that I will buy them and teamviewer on it to use Upwork as a US person. They said they’d pay wifi, for the computer, and $400/month or something like that. Total scam. Don’t waste your time with these people. Report them to CS and don’t worry about them taking down your account.

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What is the point of reporting or blocking if I keep getting messages from him, the last 5 messages he sent me are after I “blocked” him

“No” definitely needs to be the word of the year it seems.

It’s OK, then just delete the screenshots. To edit your post, click on the little pencil.

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I wonder what exactly is wrong with that person, to keep doing that for so long. Surely no one would actually agree to give him access to their computer.