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Buyer asked me to pay through Paypal, What should i do

Hey Fiverr Community
A client reached out to me for a service and we completed the order successfully. He then asked me to do some changes. I was ready for that but he said, Complete this work and let me know when you are done and i will Paypal you the money, he literally used these words.
I declined the offer and has blocked him as well.
As he is a new buyer, he does not know about these things.
Will this effect my account.
And what should i do know to protect my account!?

Thanks for any help in advance


Say no since it’s against TOS and you can be banned just for discussing it.

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Thanks @j6nyc6
I did this!!

Great Now you save. There have lots of fake buyer on the market place. Be careful brother. Always take payment via Fiverr.

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You did the right thing by respecting Fiverr’s terms of service and protecting yourself. However, it was also an opportunity to educate the buyer and potentially convert him into a longterm client.

What if the buyer simply thought it would be quicker to send the money by PayPal, and was acting innocently (even though he should know the TOS)? Had you explained the rules to him, he might have understood, and you could have got another order.

Customer support are humans - they understand that sometimes the unexpected can happen. So long as they can see that you discouraged the buyer’s actions and tried to educate them on payment, then you should have been fine.

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You did the right thing that you declined however I would’ve managed it differently. Clients can use PayPal to pay through fiverr so it also might’ve been what he meant.

I would’ve just tell him “great, we have to keep everything within fiverr and I will shortly send you an offer here for x$”