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Buyer asked me to reduce my prices


I had a buyer contact me about one of my gigs and ask me not only to give him a better price (on extras) but to increase the level of service. Since I already give great services for bargain prices (as we all do) I was quite taken aback.

What would YOU say to this buyer? I know I need to be diplomatic, but I really want to tell this guy to get lost!


people like that aren’t even worth a response


Matt, would you just ignore him and NOT answer?


Respond with the price being doubled :smiley:


Fiverr is a thieves (trolls) heaven, they can order a gig then reject it and get their money back.

I say Fk fiver and I am ending all my gigs after being robbed in this manner.

Bad business model, grow by exploiting sellers will backfire.


yup pretty much don’t answer unless you need to like for example if he says I am going to order then mention to him what I said on your other page


I have this happen for time to time, not really asking for ‘better level of service’ but if I can do more for the same price etc.

You always want to respond nicely and then report anyone who is abusing the system. I think this is the best way. I have built up a nice clientele and haven’t ignored a message or been rude (even though I’ve definitely wanted to sometimes) haha.

I just tell them I already offer more than similar gigs (explain how you do- for me its word count) and that I’m strict on my offerings because I already take extra care in completing orders. Some people just haggle bargains wherever they go and making you feel uncomfortable is a negotiation tactic they use. Ignore that.


Reply to @kjblynx: Would you mind if I borrowed this…?


Just say that you have a strict rule about your prices and that’s how you do things because it’s your job and that’s how you support yourself.


No way, You should Ignore him, at the same time, You can offer him that order order 10 gig get 1 Free.


"Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me and taking note of my service. The price of my service(s) are charged the same to all of my buyers and set by me. They are not negotiable. These prices are already a very competitive rate and if you were to look for services of this type away from Fiverr, you will see the general market value is far higher than what I charge.

In regards to the level of service you will receive, I hope the 100% positive feedback I have here on Fiverr is testament to the high quality you will receive. Whether you are ordering a $5 service or a $500 service, you can be assured all work is completed to a market high standard.

Thank you,"

I’d reply, only because it could effect your responsiveness if you don’t (depending on how many messages you generally receive).

I receive a lot of questions like these and they are usually just chancers (you don’t ask you don’t get, right?). When I’m firm with the price, the majority actually pay it.


Twisted said it better than I can imagine. The thing is; people expect that since it’s cheap, you owe them hours upon hours of high quality work. Fiverr is perfect for everyone, sellers, buyers and those looking for value in time and prices. The services we offer are grand, I do professional voice overs for 5 bucks and nothing but positive reviews, because I give them 250 dollars worth of service for only 5. That’s how we all are here on Fiverr, we give insane value and no one realizes it.


I hate when that happens. All I say is that I everything I offer is already discounted. I even had one buyer who kind of argued with me about it and said that I wasn’t doing a good business deal. I said NO! that’s it. He claimed that he found someone else and I said ‘‘good for you and congratulations!’’. end of story


Iv had that happen to me…

Okey, so i think this totally depends on what service u have to offer and what type of buyer ur dealing with but

i personally dont think its such a terrible, terrible thing.

Everyone likes a bargain and instead of getting insulted, why dont u just say sumthing in the lines with…

‘well, i can’t do that particular thing for u as im already putting much time and effort into my work and its worth far more than $5, so ur already getting a bargain. But what i could do is offer u a discount if u order one more gig and ill give u a gig extra free of charge’… or just mention anything u r willing to give a discount on.

Its happened with me and they end up getting loads MORE than initially, thinking they r getting a bargain only bcos i word it differently :slight_smile:

Dont take it in such a serious, negative way… make it work for u :slight_smile:



Well that can be conditional. If you offer service which does not have any fixed price or the price depends on the complexity and the amount of work required to be done( as in case for me) then negotiation are very common. Buyers ask for quotes on their projects which after requirement analysis I provide them. Some are Okay with the price and some try to negotiate. Its how you handle the situation :smiley: I once converted a Project for which the buyer had a 90 USD budget to 240 USD. :smiley:


Reply to @covertsec: Sorry to hear you are having such a bad experience on Fiverr … since you removed your gigs (except for the new “theivery” one, I can’t offer any suggestions.

So far I have had an excellent experience on Fiverr


Reply to @madmoo: I did exactly as you suggested. This guy is from one of the richest countries in the world … we’re taking the country where every second person is royalty and every third person is a billionaire! And he did exactly what you said Madmoo … “lots more work” blah blah!

I’m not about to jump through hoops for the opportunity to work for 2 cents an hour!-


Reply to @twistedweb123: WOW that is a FABULOUS reply. It is polite and to the point. Thanks so much … it is now in my swipe file!!