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Buyer asked my email, so what?


Sometimes my buyers while placing order can’t send me the required files and they ask me my email address to send the required attachment. But it is strongly prohibited by fiverr TOS, then what should I do? Quit those orders and tell the buyers that i am not willing to work with them?


Always stick to sending and receiving files via the Fiverr messaging system or the order page.

Please never communicate by email! :slightly_smiling_face:


Dropbox or WeTransfer are both allowed for file transfers.


What if i uae google drive link? Is there any problem?


Communication outside Fiverr is only allowed if it is necessary for you to deliver the work, and then it is not protected by Fiverr. Before sharing information like this, I would strongly advise you to contact CS to see if it’s permissible for you to share an email address for the purpose of sending or receiving files. Not doing that could get your account suspended.

Incidentally, I use Google Drive links all the time to deliver links to files without an issue.


You might find this useful:

Particularly this bit:
A seller must deliver their files via Fiverr’s platform rather than external cloud platforms (e.g. Dropbox).

Might be a good idea to contact CS and ask them - there have been different answers given in the past.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Then is it safe in fiverr to communicate with buyers or sending and receiving files using Google drive?


you can sent him your mail, if it’s necessary for work :slight_smile:


That is something you need to ask Customer Service.


This is not necessarily true. Although in some cases you can communicate outside the platform if it is absolutely necessary to you delivering the gig, in most cases you are probably going against terms of service. I would always advise getting permission from CS if you need to communicate outside Fiverr, to protect your account. That’s what I did for the couple of occasions when clients insisted on holding a discovery session / workshop with me over audio.


Thanks for your suggestion. Ok i will do that


There are usually other ways than sending someone your email address, and sending your email to someone is often a quick way to get an account warning (or to get banned).


Could you please explain the ways? Would be much grateful to you.


Customer Support recommends using DropBox (just make sure that there’s no identifying information that could be used for contact). You upload the file and send your client the link, or your client uploads the file and sends you the link.


You can share only Detail about your work. But, Email, skype id or out side the payment does not allow by Fiverr. IF you get the massage from clients, then simply ignore them by sending " Sorry! It’s Against Term of Service"… Thanks


Check this


Yes, it is allowed if it’s a part of the service. For example, if you’re giving lessons via Skype, you’re allowed to provide your Skype ID on the order page, though it’s wise to ask for permission from Customer Support first and follow their instructions. The same goes for any exchange of personal contact information: to avoid getting into trouble, it’s best to clear it up with CS first (and it’s definitely better than explaining them what happened after you’ve received an account warning).

For exchanging large files, email isn’t necessary; DropBox works fine.


Then what about the google drive?


As far as I know, CS recommends DropBox, though some sellers use Google Drive, too. I get Google Drive links from my customers sometimes, and so far, we had no problems.

If you want to be sure, it’s best to contact Customer Support and ask them yourself. None of us here are Fiverr staff, and it’s their response that counts.


Yes i agree with you